Buying Glasses at a Doctor’s Office Instead of Wal-Mart

Buying Glasses at a Doctor's Office Instead of Wal-MartIt seems like everyone is advertising discount frames and lenses, including big box retailers like Wal-Mart. While swinging by the glasses counter on your way to pick up milk and eggs may seem convenient, it is possible that you could be making serious vision sacrifices for the sake of convenience.

Secondary retailers often lack the staff and experience to provide a proper fitting or help customers select appropriate frames. Since eyeglasses are custom made specifically for each patient, there is no one-size or one-shape-fits-all approach. An incorrect fit can lead to a myriad of complications, such as headaches or difficulty seeing through certain parts of the lens – especially in progressive lenses.

Instead, it is important to have the assistance of a licensed optician who can adjust the fit of frames and ensure the lenses correctly align with the eyes. Here at Hendersonville Eye Care, we strive to be our patients’ go-to source for complete eye care. Our eyeglasses are not cheaply made, and we do not cut corners. We walk our patients through the entire vision correction process, from comprehensive eye exams from an optometrist to personalized frame selection and fittings.

In addition to an optometrist, we staff a team of experienced eye care professionals who understand that some frames may not align with the thickness or weight of a lens prescription. They also understand the role that other individual characteristics, such as papillary distance (PD), play in an optometrist’s prescription for proper vision correction.

When you trust us with your eyewear selection and fitting, you will find that your glasses do not slide down your nose or sit loosely on your face. Instead, we will ensure your frames and lenses line up with your face and eyes correctly, ensuring your glasses look and work exactly as intended. We offer a vast assortment of frames to fit any size or shape face, as well as your style, budget and lifestyle needs. Call us today for more information.

Where do you normally purchase your prescription eyewear?

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