Choosing the Right Frames for Your Face

Choosing the Right Frames for Your FaceSelecting a pair of eyeglass frames says a lot about your personality and style! With so many different frame styles currently available, picking one pair can feel a bit overwhelming. For example, you’ll want to select frames in a color that’s flattering to your face. If you have a warm complexion, choose frames in light tortoise, brown shades, gold or honey. Cool skin tones need to watch out for frames that can wash out the face and instead choose colors like dark tortoise, silver or black.

Hendersonville Optometrist Shares Secrets for Selecting the Perfect Frames

The most important part is to select frames that are right for your facial shape so you can feel confident while wearing them. Keep the following frame selection “dos and don’ts” in mind when selecting your next pair.

Round Face

DO choose frames that are square or rectangle. These frames tend to appear wider than a round face, which can enhance the quality of your features.

DON’T choose rimless or round frames, which will only accentuate your roundness in an unflattering manner.

Oval Face

DO opt for frames with a strong bridge that are wider than the broadest part of your face.

DON’T wear frames that are more than half of your face; these frames throw off your natural symmetry and balance.

Square Face

DO choose oval or circular frames to soften the angles of your face and create a thinner appearance.

DON’T wear angular or boxy frames; these frames will accentuate the angles of your face and may make your face appear “bulky”.

Diamond Face

DO balance out a narrow forehead and chin with frames that sweep upwards or are wider than your cheekbones.

DON’T select a boxy frame or a too-narrow frame that accentuates your cheeks and further draws attention to a small chin or narrow forehead.

Heart-shaped Face

DO balance the width of your forehead and narrowness of your chin by choosing bottom-heavy frames that add width to the bottom part of your face, like round eyeglasses or square glasses that are curved slightly at the bottom.

DON’T wear frames with decorative or embellished tops that draw attention to the forehead.

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