Contact Lens Exams in Hendersonville

Contact Lens Exams in HendersonvilleDo you wear glasses or contact lenses? Whether your answer is yes or no, you should get regular eye examinations to ensure healthy vision.

If you do wear corrective eyewear, it’s important that the kind you have is the best fit for you. This is especially important if you have or are thinking about getting contact lenses. The best way to ensure that contact lenses are right for you is to schedule a Contact Lens Examination with your Hendersonville optometrist.

What is a Contact Lens Exam?

Before you get contact lenses–or if you are changing prescriptions—your Hendersonville optometrist will first take you through a routine eye exam. Next, he or she will take you through a Contact Lens Exam. This exam evaluates the physical surface of your eyes (called “corneal topography”). Your optometrist will use computerized technology to take specific measurements of several parts of your eyes, including the cornea, iris, and pupil. A Contact Lens Exam also includes a “tear film test,” which assesses how well your eyes produce tears. Finally, your optometrist will review other factors, such as your allergies and workplace environment. This will help you determine if contact lenses can comfortably fit your lifestyle.

How is a Contact Lens Exam different from a routine eye exam?

A routine eye exam assesses several important characteristics of your eyes, including visual acuity (how clear your vision is), inner eye pressure, and whether or not there are any underlying conditions affecting the health of your eyes, such as glaucoma. Routine eye exams can also determine if you need corrective lenses. However, a routine eye exam does not provide enough information about the shape and surface of your eyes. Should you choose to wear contact lenses, your optometrist will need this information in order to prescribe lenses that are a best fit for you. A Contact Lens Exam can also determine if your eyes are too “dry,” which could make contact lenses uncomfortable.

Are you wondering if contact lenses are the right choice for you? Contact our friendly staff at Hendersonville Eye Care today to schedule an exam.

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