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Vision Therapy in Hendersonville

The Value of Vision Therapy

vision therapy father and sonIf you or someone you love in dealing with weak, blurred or double vision that can't be resolved through corrective lenses, then it may be time to learn about vision therapy as a treatment option. Vision therapy is to the visual system what physical rehabilitation is to the body -- a means of training or re-training components to work together for optimal function and performance. Here at Hendersonville Eye Care, we're happy to discus vision therapy options with patients of all ages who need some extra help getting their eyes and brain to work as a team.

While much is made (and rightly so) of the need to correct refractive errors that can affect eyesight, the shape of the cornea and eyeball isn't the only factor in your ability to see clearly. Vision actually occurs in the brain, the eyes simply collect and relay the necessary signals, which the brain then processes and interprets. It's therefore critical that the eyes are mechanically able to line up and send clear binocular images to the brain, and that the brain sends the proper commands to make the eyes track correctly. When anything occurs to disrupt this mutual communication, you may experience such problems as:

  • Amblyopia - "Lazy eye" is low vision in one eye that occurs when that eye's nerve pathways fail to stimulate the brain optimally, leaving you relying on one eye for most of your eyesight and limiting your overall visual acuity.
  • Strabismus - If your eyes seem to be turned inward or outward instead of being centered when you look forward, then you may have strabismus. Strabismus can cause blurry or double vision.
  • Occasional focus and alignment problems - Instead of suffering from alignment issues all the time, you may experience them only when your eyes are especially fatigued, or the problem may be too subtle to be obvious. These problems are known as phorias.

These and other eye/brain dysfunctions may stem from a congenital condition, an interruption in the early-childhood development process, or a medical event such as a stroke or concussion.

Vision Therapy at Hendersonville Eye Care

Our team at Hendersonville Eye Care can evaluate your eyes and vision carefully, eliminating simple refractive errors as a possible cause, before recommending a course of vision therapy. We will also advise you as to whether an underlying medical condition needs to be treated by the appropriate specialist. Once we have a clear idea of the reason for your eye issues, we may prescribe:

  • Regular exercises to train and coordinate your eye muscles
  • Patching of a dominant eye to encourage strengthening of vision in the other eye
  • Special prisms, lenses and/or filters to help correct eye movement and tracking

Don't suffer from your vision disorder in silence -- contact Hendersonville Eye Care today to schedule an appointment for yourself or a family member who needs our services. We can help!

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