Anti-Reflective Lenses at Hendersonville Eye Care

Eyeglasses That Block Glare and Blue Light

Anti-Reflective LensesWhile you may find that adding light to a subject allows you to see it more clearly, too much of certain kinds of light aren’t so good for your vision. Constant glare from your computer screen may cause eye fatigue, irritation and redness even as your lenses reflect some of the incoming light, reducing your ability to see. Light from the blue end of the spectrum may even contribute to progressive retinal disorders such as macular degeneration. That’s why Hendersonville Eye Care offers anti-reflecting lenses and coatings to help you see the light without suffering the consequences.

How does blue light endanger your ocular health? While humans need a certain amount of blue light to balance their hormones and keep their sleep-wake cycle on schedule, a specific frequency range known as HEV or high-energy light appears to have negative effects on the eye. You may experience corneal irritation in the short term, but over time you may also fall prey to cataracts, a clouding of your lenses that can rob you of your eyesight without treatment. There also appears to be an association between blue light and the onset of macular degeneration, an age-related condition in which the macula of the retina deteriorates, destroying central vision. A typical smart phone or computer screen generates lots of blue light, putting most modern Americans at heightened risk.

Blue light isn’t your eyes’ only enemy. If you wear eyeglasses with ordinary plastic or high-index lenses, a certain percentage of incoming light bounces off in the form of blinding glare. This not only irritates your eyes, but it can prove disastrous if your vision is obscured in rush-hour traffic or some other potentially hazardous situation. You also need to make sure your eyeglasses and sunglasses provide 100 percent protection against UV (ultraviolet) light, the “next door neighbor” to HEV light on the frequency scale.

Get Your No-Glare Lenses at Hendersonville Eye Care

Give your eyes the protection they need and deserve with no-glare lenses and lens coatings from Hendersonville Eye Care. Our optometry team can offer you a variety of options to suit your needs, budget and lifestyle. You can order anti-reflective lenses or have anti-reflective coatings added to standard plastic lenses to keep the glare out and allow more useful light in. Anti-reflective lenses are available both for indoor eyeglasses and for sunglasses.

As for UV and blue light protection, you have multiple options there too. For instance, we can make you a pair of computer glasses with yellow-tinted lenses to spare your eyes from the computer screen, or you can purchase orange-tinted “blue blocker” sunglasses for outdoor use. If you prefer clear, non-tinted lenses that still provide the necessary protection against blue light, there are even special lens coatings available that can do just that. Anti-UV coatings and lenses are also readily available. Call (828) 693-5205 to learn more about our Hendersonville clinic’s no-glare lenses and other options!