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Lasik Evaluations and Post-Operative Care at Hendersonville Eye Care

At Hendersonville Eye Care, we tap into the benefits of medical and technological advances that make it easier to improve your vision and maintain your eye health. If you depend on glasses or contact lenses to see clearly every day, you may be a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Our optometrists offer the following services before and after LASIK.

Pre-Operative Evaluations: Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK?

Eye SurgeryLASIK is a popular, patented surgical option that is performed daily in Hendersonville and the surrounding area. Though it's a low-risk outpatient procedure, it's not right for every patient, and some conditions increase your risks. You will need a comprehensive pre-operative evaluation to determine your eligibility. During this consultation, we will take the following steps to decide whether LASIK will be effective and safe for you:

  • Assess your risk factors – do you have diabetes or a pacemaker? Do you take any prescription medications or suffer from allergies? 
  • Evaluate your ocular health – If near-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism, or any other eye condition seriously affects your vision, we will assess its severity and explore your LASIK options. 
  • Evaluate your corneas and pupils – LASIK will only work if your corneas and pupils meet the right criteria. Contacts and certain conditions affect your corneas' shape and thickness, and large pupils increase your risk of side effects. 

Referrals to LASIK Eye Surgery Center

If we decide you're a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery, we will discuss your surgical options and help you take the next step. It's important to receive your LASIK from a skilled, thoughtful surgeon who has performed the same procedure thousands of times and knows every detail of your individual medical history. Fortunately, our optometrists work closely with a local LASIK surgery center.

If your risks are low enough and we think the surgery will be effective, we will give you the referral you need to make an appointment at this center. Before surgery, you'll need to attend a consultation and receive any necessary diagnostic tests at the same center.

LASIK Post-Operative Follow-Up Exams

At Hendersonville Eye Care, we are committed to your long-term ocular health, so we take your post-op care very seriously. When you trust our optometrists with your LASIK follow-up care, you minimize your risks and maximize your chances for long-term success. Your results depend on the care you receive afterwards, so we will monitor your progress to make sure your eyes are healing at the right rate and check for rare signs of complications.

This post-operative regimen is absolutely crucial, and it should start immediately. Schedule your first follow-up appointment for the day after your LASIK eye surgery. We will start by prescribing eye drops, telling you how and when to administer them, and suggesting some other ways to avoid complications in the days and weeks that follow. We usually recommend regular visits for the next six months after your procedure, to make sure you heal properly and the quality of your vision improves as much as possible.

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