Our Hendersonville Optometrists Diagnose & Treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Macular DegenerationAt Hendersonville Eye Care, our experienced Hendersonville optometrist team is committed to helping you maintain optimal eyesight at every stage of life. Macular degeneration, also known as AMD, is the leading age-related eye health condition which can dramatically impair your ability to see in your senior years; it currently affects as many as 10 million Americans.

AMD Explained: Causes, Symptoms & Risk Factors

AMD occurs when the macula—a small spot in the center of your retina, the tissue containing rod and cone cells in the back of your eye—begins to thin, degrade, and deteriorate over time. There are two main types of AMD:

  • Wet or “exudative” AMD is the less common form and caused by the damaging and scarring effects of small leaky blood vessels abnormally growing behind the retinas.
  • Dry or “atrophic” AMD is more common and is associated with abnormal pigmentation in the macula as well as the growth of yellow deposits known as drusen on or behind the macula (although not everyone with drusen necessarily has AMD).

AMD can develop for quite some time before symptoms show up, and when they do can include central vision loss and blurriness (with peripheral vision remaining intact). These symptoms will typically worsen over a period of years as the condition progresses and may eventually lead to legal and/or total blindness.

Causes of AMD

It’s not entirely clear what causes it, but old age is the most significant risk factor. Additional known risk factors exist:

  • Race (Caucasians are more at risk compared to other races)
  • Genetics
  • Smoking and tobacco use

How Our Optometrists Manage AMD

AMD can’t be cured, however, our team of optometrists in Hendersonville can still help you slow the progression of your disease by 1) providing early detection on a comprehensive eye exam and 2) educate you on ways to improve your eye health and overall health (e.g., smoking cessation, nutrient-dense diet, UV-protecting sunglasses).

We can also provide you with your most up-to-date and appropriate prescription eyewear to correct for any vision loss which has occurred and provide you with effective low vision strategies to help you navigate your daily activities as well as possible.

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