Nearsightedness and Farsightedness

Nearsightedness and FarsightednessIf you live in the Hendersonville, PA and you are having trouble with your vision, it’s time to trust the optometry experts at Hendersonville Eye Care. Whether you are struggling to see while you are driving, or you find yourself squinting as you try to read a book, it’s time to have your eyesight checked for potential problems. It’s important to take of your vision and take care of issues early.

People who are Nearsighted in Hendersonville

Nearsightedness means that you can see things that are close up without corrective lenses. A person who is nearsighted but can’t see long distances will need corrective lenses in order to drive, play competitive sports, or maybe participate in a presentation. Many people start off being nearsighted and don’t have a need for corrective lenses for their up close vision until they are older.

Farsighted Individuals in Hendersonville, PA

If you are farsighted, this means that you can see well when you look at things at a distance. You may discover that you don’t need corrective lenses to see while driving, but that you are struggling to read. If this is the case, you can try to buy cheap reading glasses to see if that help. If you aren’t able to see while reading using reading glasses, it’s time to meet with your optometrist to see what can be done.

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Some individuals find that they need corrective lenses for both near and far vision. Glasses can be created that offer correction for both types of vision at the same time, making it easier to see through a wide variety of activities.

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