Reducing Exposure to Blue Light

Reducing Exposure to Blue LightHigh energy visible (HEV) light is otherwise known as blue light. Outdoors, it’s the part of the visible light spectrum that makes the sky look blue. It’s a small part of what we see outside, so the effects on our eyes is minimal. Indoors, it’s a different story. Blue light is the light that computer monitors, smart phones, and tablets give off, and humans are spending hours each day staring at screens, exposing their eyes to more blue light every day. This is having a dangerous effect on many people’s eyesight.

Blue light has been found to be the most dangerous kind of light for the retina. It can contribute to glaucoma, macular degeneration, and eyesight problems in growing children. Our eyes have no natural filter against blue light, so it’s up to us to protect our eyes from the damage this light can do.

Hendersonville Eye Care Doctors Advise About Blue Light Exposure

It’s important to minimize the exposure your eyes have to blue light in order to prevent the worst damage. It’s impossible to prevent all blue light exposure in today’s society, but taking steps to protect your eyes can go a long way toward keeping your eyesight intact.

  • Get eyeglasses that prevent blue light damage. Here at Hendersonville Eye Care we offer eyeglasses with a special coating that protects your eyes from blue light
  • Give your eyes a break. Look away from the screen every 20 minutes for about 30 seconds, and focus on something across the room
  • Never use a device in a darkened room. Use good ambient lighting in all rooms; never let the screen itself be the only source of light
  • Avoid exposing your eyes to blue light for one hour before bed. Blue light reacts in the brain and makes it more difficult for you to fall asleep

For more information on protecting your eyes from blue light, or to make an appointment to be fitted with protective eyeglasses, call Hendersonville Eye Care at (828) 693-5205.

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