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Eyeglasses and Frame Selection at Hendersonville Eye Care

woman selecting framesAfter our optometrists have finished a thorough eye examination, our optometrist may provide you with a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses that will correct the specific vision problems you are experiencing.  Whether this is your first time needing eyeglasses or you already wear eyeglasses and decide that you want to change your frames, we can accommodate you. At Hendersonville Eye Care, we offer a wide selection designer eyeglasses, frames, and sunglasses for your convenience.

Select Your Frames

Finding Frames with Hendersonville Eye Care

A professional member of our eye care team will take the time to help find the frames that are just right for your lifestyle and your personality, and that fit within your budget guidelines. You might say that you want to appear serious, creative or fun-loving. We may ask about any sports or activities that could put stress on your frames. Then we will help assess the shape of your face so that we can help guide you in the choice of frames.

For example, if you have a square face, we might suggest that you choose frames that are slightly curved to soften the angles somewhat. On the other hand, if you have an oval face, we might suggest a diamond or rectangular shape to counter-balance your features. For a face that is longer than it is wide, or oval shaped, we will help you find frames that shorten its appearance. Customers with a round face, however, typically look best with frames that add length instead of exaggerating their facial curves.

Another face style is triangular - either base-up (heart-shaped) or base-down. If your forehead is very wide and your face narrows to your chin, we might suggest frames that are wider at the bottom. Some customers find that light-colored or rimless frames work best with these features. But, if your forehead is narrow and you have a broader chin, we could direct you to frames that are wider at the top. This type of facial structure might best be highlighted by heavy color accents or added detail at the top of the frames.

Finally, we might recommend oval frames for a diamond-shaped face that has high cheekbones with narrow eye and jaw lines. No matter what facial shape you have, we’ll suggest frames that we think best complement your face.

Total Professional Eye Care Service

Our professional team works in conjunction with our optometrist to assure that your prescription eyeglasses look great and do their job, enabling you to see. Once the eyeglasses are ready, we will adjust the frames for a proper fit to make sure they are comfortable around your nose and ears. We will also make sure that the lenses are at a proper distance from your eyes.

What frames make your face look its best? Trust Hendersonville Eye Care to help you find eyeglasses that fit your face perfectly. Call us at 828-693-5205 for more information on frame selection or to schedule an eye exam. 

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Square Oval Oblong Round Heart Triangle Diamond


A square face is often characterized by a strong jaw line, a broad forehead, and a wide chin and cheekbones. The width and length of the face are close to being equal. Frames should be selected to make the face look longer and to soften the square angles of the face. Choose frames that are slightly curved (like an oval shape) and that have more horizontal than vertical real estate.


The oval face is identifiable by its balanced proportions. The forehead is slightly wider than the chin and cheekbones are high. Frames should complement the natural proportions of the oval. Choose frames that are wide or wider than the broadest part of the face and that follow your brow line. Often, diamond or rectangular shapes work best for oval shapes.


Although fairly similar to an oval shape, an oblong face is longer than it is wide. The ideal frames will shorten the face by creating a break in the length of the face. Choose frames that have depth and a low bridge to shorten the nose. Try frames that are round, deep, have low-triangle shapes, or that have strong vertical lines.


A round or full face is characterized by having the same width and length. For round faces, frames that add length to the face often work best. Frames that lengthen the face are typically angular, narrow and are wider than they are deep. It is best to avoid round style frames as these will exaggerate the roundness and curves of the face.


A heart shaped face looks like a heart or a triangle with the point facing down. The forehead is very wide and cheekbones are high while the face narrows towards the chin. Counterbalance the narrow chin by choosing frames that are wider at the bottom. Generally, light colored and rimless frames work best, although aviator, butterfly and low-triangle styles also work well.


A base-down triangle face has a narrower forehead with full cheeks and a broad chin. To offset a broad chin, select frames that widen at the top. Great selections include frames that have heavy color accents and detail on the top part of the frames. Cat-eye shapes also work well to add width and emphasize the narrow upper part of the face.


A diamond shaped face is often characterized by high, dramatic cheekbones with a narrow eye line and jaw line. This shape is the rarest of all the shapes. Oval frames that are soft in style typically work best to highlight the eyes and cheekbones. Select frames that have detailing, distinctive brow lines, are rimless or a cat-eye shape for best results.