Solar Eclipse Fundraiser for Lilly Byrd

On August 21, 2017, a total eclipse is expected across North America lasting 2-3 hours, and for a few minutes, a 70-mile strip that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina will experience a total solar eclipse. While a solar eclipse is rare, there is only one way to experience it safely, and that is by viewing it through a solar filter found in solar eclipse glasses(ISO certified). Whether you plan to stay close to home during the eclipse or travel somewhere within the 70 mile strip where a total eclipse is expected, we at Hendersonville Eye Care want you to be protected, and we are offering an opportunity for you to protect yourself, while helping a very special little girl in our community, Lilly Byrd.

Helping Lilly Byrd with Solar Eclipse Glasses Benefit

Why is Hendersonville Eye Care helping Lilly Byrd? While Hendersonville Eye Care is primarily about vision care and taking care of eye health, we recognize the importance of the children in our community having the best possible use of all their senses. This is why our hearts go out to Lilly Bird. Lilly is a seven-year-old girl who requires a hearing aid to hear because of a condition she was born with, Microtia, which means her outer ear is underdeveloped and she requires a hearing aid for both ears in order to prevent a distortion in both ears.

The specific hearing device that Lilly needs is a $10,000 out of pocket cost, and a defined strain on their budget. To help out Hendersonville Eye Care is selling solar eclipse glasses for $2, and donating all proceeds to the Lilly Byrd Fund, so Lilly can hear better and do better in school and in life.

Contact Hendersonville Eye Care for More Information on the Fundraiser at 828-693-5205.

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