Tips For Choosing the Right Eyeglasses

Tips For Choosing the Right EyeglassesWhen it comes to eyeglasses, many shoppers think about the style of color of the frame. While these are important with something you will be wearing every day, there is a lot more that goes into picking the right pair of eyeglasses for you. Learn the advice our optometrists in Hendersonville give eyeglass shoppers on how to pick a great pair of glasses.

Why Frames Must Fit Properly

As our North Carolina optometrists say, your eyeglasses will feel uncomfortable if they don’t fit properly. If frames are too loose, they will constantly shift on your nose and you will find that you are pushing them up all the time. If eyeglasses are too tight, you could get a tension headache. The fit on the bridge of your nose is particularly important as this keeps glasses situated so you can see clearly.

When eyeglasses fit right, you will find that they can be quite comfortable – so comfortable, in fact, that you may even forget that they are on your face!

At Hendersonville Eye Care, we take the time to make sure your frames fit and we are happy to provide adjustments any time you need them. This is just one way that we strive to go the extra mile for our patients.

How to Select the Right Eyeglasses

We recommend you check in with our staff about what types of eyeglasses are best for your vision needs. For example, if you need progressive or multifocal lenses, you may need to select a particular shape or style of frame that accommodates these lenses. Once you know which frame styles you can choose from, think about the colors and styles you naturally prefer.

You may want eyeglasses that highlight the color of your hair or eyes, or you may prefer glasses in a neutral hue of brown, black, or tortoiseshell. You may have a personal preference for thicker or thinner frames, or simply want a pair of glasses that is cute and trendy. We strive to accommodate all preferences in our optical boutique, so you will find a wide selection of designer glasses frames to choose from.

Our eye doctor also recommends thinking about your face shape and which styles of glasses flatter it. Since you’ll wear the glasses on your face, the wrong shape can make you look funny. Let our staff assist you in finding the right shape and selecting your new glasses with confidence.

Do you need new eyeglasses? Why not call us at Hendersonville Eye Care and schedule an eye exam? We will check your vision and eye health, adjust your prescription if it is needed, and help you pick out eyeglasses in our optical boutique. To reserve your next appointment, please call us today at 828-693-5205 or use the appointment request form on our website. We offer an eyeglasses special where you will receive 50 percent off your second pair of eyeglasses (or sunglasses) when you purchase one at full price.

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