We’re Remodeling!

We’ve begun our long anticipated office remodel and expansion. Thus far, we have finished the new optical addition and Cooper Construction is starting on the 3 new exam lanes and pretest room. The optical has moved from the left side of the building to the right side so head to the right for glasses adjustments and frame selection. The new optical addition is a bit rustic at the moment, but some of the new custom made cabinets have been installed and give the optical just a hint of the fresh new look to come. The floors have not been finished since there is still demolition to be done to the old pretest and bathroom, but for those of you who like the look of good ol’ plywood we have plenty of it for now. New carpet, new wood flooring, new frame displays, and new dispensing tables (good-bye 1990’s, hello 2016!) are all going to be installed later in the construction project. We plan to update the furniture and install quartz countertops at the front desk.

Stop by, check out the progress and ask for the 10% remodel discount (cannot be combined with insurance or applied to previous purchases). We also offer 50% off your second pair of eyeglasses with the purchase of one full pair. Ask the optical department for details.

Also, watch out for our pre-Open House. What’s that? Well, we’re so excited about the changes that we want to celebrate early! Don’t worry if you miss this event because we’ll also have an official Open House later in the year. Check back for more details.

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