Are You Suffering from Eye Allergies?

Are You Suffering from Eye Allergies?If you are struggling with burning, tearing, itching and irritated eyes for unknown reasons, then you might have allergies. Over 27 million Americans are estimated to have eye allergies (or allergic conjunctivitis). Just like skin rashes, wheezing and nasal congestion, eye allergies are triggered by allergens, such as pollen, smoke, pet dander and more.

Do You Have Allergies?

If you aren’t sure whether or not you have eye allergies, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do other members of your immediate family have allergies?
  • Do your eyes seem to itch during a certain time of the year?
  • Do you find the itching gets better when you are inside on a summer’s day or worse when you are inside on a winter day?
  • Does digging up old items (especially from the attic or deep in the closet) make your eyes worse?

Finding Eye Allergy Relief in Henderson

Of course, the first step in treating your allergies should be in determining exactly what is causing your symptoms. If you don’t know what allergens to avoid, then you can’t prevent the problem from the start. Try staying inside when the pollen count is high if you notice your allergies hit worst seasonally in the summer.

Use quality filters in your HVAC vents and allergen-reducing bags in your vacuum to keep harmful particles from being pumped throughout your home. You will also want to purchase an allergen protective cover for your mattress to make sure problem particles stay out of the mattress (which you can’t really clean).

Switch to glasses until your eyes are no longer irritated. You can also change to single-use contacts so a build-up of allergens or debris does not occur.

Drops or medications are available to help your eyes find relief. Your eye doctor can provide you with something stronger than the typical, over-the-counter drop.

If you want help diagnosing your eye problems and finding solutions, call us today! Dr. Cannon and Dr. Kilgo are both here to help you find answers to the irritating problems bothering your eyes. Don’t stay miserable any longer! Let us help you find something that really works for you.

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