Our Hendersonville Optometrist Treatments to Correct Vision

At Hendersonville Eye Care, OD, PA, our goal is to offer a treatment solution that best fits your eye care needs. For some people, that will mean vision correction for two widespread conditions medically known as hyperopia and myopia. You might know them by their more common names: farsightedness and nearsightedness. Find out more about the conditions that affect your ability to see near or far and what services we offer to help.

What It Means to Be Farsighted

If our Hendersonville optometrist says you have hyperopia or farsightedness, it means you see things better in the distance. The condition is a defect caused by one of two things:

  • The eyeball is too short
  • The lens is unable to become round

When light reflects off of something you are looking at it enters the eye through the cornea, the outer transparent layer covering the globe. The cornea bends to pass the light through the pupil, the black area of the eye, to go through the lens which changes shape to refocus the light onto the retina.

When a person is farsighted, the cornea may be misshapen, so when it refracts light to the pupil, it doesn’t hit correctly. In some cases, the lens fails to change shape properly and the light becomes blurry. This defect means you see things far away, but anything up close is fuzzy.

What It Means to Be Nearsighted

If instead, our optometrist diagnoses myopia then you have trouble seeing things far away. As with farsightedness, the myopia is connected to poorly focused light due to a misshapen eyeball or an overly curved cornea.

What are the Treatment Options with Our Hendersonville Optometrist?

Once the eye doctor determines the cause of your vision problem, the next step is to figure out how to correct it. For most patients, the answer is going to be corrective lenses, either glasses or contacts. There are variations of corrective lenses available, customized by the optometrist to fit each patient based on their particular vision defect.

It is also possible for one person to have both hyperopia and myopia at the same time. These people require bifocals to correct both vision issues. Bifocals have a section of the lens to adjust your vision if you are looking far and another if you are reading or trying to see something closer.

There are options available for those who don’t want to wear corrective lenses, as well. Our Hendersonville clinic offers LASIK eye surgery to qualified candidates. LASIK is the surgical correction of the defect. During your evaluation, the eye doctor will assess your general health, determine if you have risk factors for complications like diabetes and examine your eyes.

Another option is Ortho-K. With this service, the optometrist in Hendersonville prescribes special contact lens that you wear at night, so you can go lens free during the day.

Whatever correction you need, we can help. Give Hendersonville Eye Care, OD, PA a call at (828) 693-5205 to make an appointment. We are here to help.