Varilux progressive lens provide a sharper vision at every distance even in dimly lit conditions. These lens eliminate the blurriness and low-lite issues of ordinary progressive lens.

Eye Zen lens reduce digital eye strain and is a protection against harmful blue light while providing a sharper vision. Eye Zen is exclusively available from independent eye care professionals

Crizal are a no glare lens and provides the clearest vision possible. Crizal products provide superior technology in clarity for better protection against glare, scratches, and smudges.

Transitions light intelligent lens reduce eye fatigue and strain. They block 100% of UVA/UVB light and help protect your eyes from harmful blue light both indoors and outdoors. Transitions are now available in a wide range of colors for single vision wearers. These colors include iconic colors: graphite green, gray, brown, amber, emerald, sapphire and amethyst. Transitions XtraActive is now available in these new and exciting mirror options for single vision wearers: gold, silver shadow, pink, red, green, and blue.

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Essilor products we provide are Varilux, Crizal, Transitions, Xperio-UV and Eye Zen

Children need the most protection as they are growing and technology is so prevalent in their world. We here at Hendersonville Eye Care OD PA, like to protect our children as well by offering the following products:

Crizal Prevencia Kids, Eye Zen +, and Crizal Kids UV.