Exceptional Eye Care Services in Hendersonville, NC

Our Hendersonville Eye Care doctors recommend that most patients schedule an eye and vision exam at least once per year. During this comprehensive exam, an optometrist will determine your exact corrective lens prescription and perform a health screening of your eyes, looking for early signs of serious eye problems. Like most health conditions, eye diseases are best treated when diagnosed early. In addition to comprehensive vision tests and eye exams, our optometrists at Hendersonville Eye Care provide a full menu of vision services.

Hendersonville Eye Care Offers a Comprehensive Menu of Services


Patients enjoy a wide selection of men’s, women’s, children’s frames. Our professional eye care staff assists patients in selecting the most flattering frames for features and personal style. We also offer a selection of sunglasses and tinted, polarized prescription lenses.

Contacts: Fitting and Lenses

To ensure contacts fit properly, a fitting appointment is necessary. During a fitting, our optometrist measures eyes and performs a few tests in addition to normal eye exam procedures. Once your personalized lenses arrive, we teach patients how to properly clean and care for lenses in addition to helping them insert and remove lenses.

We offer a wide selection of soft contact options including daily wear, single use, and cosmetic contacts. We also provide hard to fit lens options for patients with astigmatism or in need of bifocal lenses. In addition, we offer Ortho-K lenses, which gradually reshape the eye, correcting vision while they are worn.

Eye Surgery

We offer corrective eye surgery such as Lasik and Photorefractive Keratectomy. A great solution for those who no longer wish to wear contacts or eyeglasses, we offer the latest in corrective eye surgery and can help you determine if surgery is the best option for you.

Computer Vision

Designed to treat and prevent vision problems in screen users, our computer vision services include visual acuity exams, corrective lenses, and eye-friendly set up of computer stations.

Sports Vision

With sports vision tests and training, we help patients determine how well their eyes and bodies work together, testing visual acuity, motor skills, and more, while our sports vision training works to improve our patients’ athletic performance.

To find out about other services we offer or if our services are right for you, please contact Hendersonville Eye Care today at (828) 693-5205.