Computer Vision: A Hazard of Modern Work

Computer VisionOur modern working world is a digital world. For many of us here in Hendersonville, NC, it’s hard to imagine not spending hours at a computer or other digital device every day. Unfortunately, those bright, colorful electronic screens can cause a painful problem known as computer vision, also referred to as computer vision syndrome or CVS. But you can spare your eyes without neglecting your daily tasks, thanks to the expert solutions available here at Hendersonville Eye Care.

Causes of Dry Eyes, Headaches, and Other Uncomfortable Issues

Computer vision is thought of as a syndrome, a set of symptoms related to an underlying cause, with that underlying cause being extended computer usage. These symptoms typically include dry eyes, headaches, neck or shoulder pain, eye fatigue, and blurred vision. You may experience only one or two of these symptoms, or you may be blindsided by all of them.

Why does computer vision occur? For one thing, extended staring at computer screens is known to cause the eyes to blink at only a fraction of their usual rate. This means you’re not making tears, which are critical for moisturizing and protecting the front of the eye. Additionally, the constant focus on a specific distance level can tire the lens muscles. The blue-tinged HEV (high-energy visible) light emanating from today’s LED screens produces fatiguing glare. Last but not least, your work position may have your monitor placed too high or low for your eyes, forcing you to adopt a posture that strains your shoulders and neck.

How Hendersonville Eye Care Can Help

If you need to overcome your computer vision without giving up on your computer, come to Hendersonville Eye Care. Our optometry team can evaluate your eyes and work habits to understand exactly why you’re struggling with this syndrome. We can then recommend treatment methods to help you regain the comfortable use of your eyes. We may recommend:

  • Computer glasses with tints or coatings that filter HEV light
  • Adjustments to your work habits, such as taking regular breaks to blink or to stare into the distance
  • Eye drops and other soothing remedies to help dry eyes heal
  • Ergonomic suggestions for changing your work environment, from monitor positions that allow a straighter posture to changes in screen brightness or ambient lighting

Protect Your Eyes From Computer Screens

There’s no getting around the need to get work done, but don’t let your digital lifestyle interfere with your ocular well-being. Call Hendersonville Eye Care at (828) 693-5205 to learn more about how you can protect your eyes from those irritating computer screens and give yourself a more pleasant place to work.