Eye Examinations for Eye Health From Your Optometrist in Hendersonville

Eye Examinations for Eye HealthYour vision is one of your most important assets. Good eyesight allows you to work, engage in hobbies, cook, exercise unencumbered, spend time with family and essentially live the good life. If you want to make sure you’re protecting your eyes the best way you possibly can, it’s critical that you get routine examinations to ensure maximum eye health. These exams involve a number of steps, but are frequently covered by insurance and are absolutely critical to lifelong happiness. Your optometrist in Hendersonville is more than happy to help.

Eye Examinations in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Looking for eye examinations in Hendersonville, North Carolina? You’ve come to the right place. Our friendly team offers thorough, expert eye examinations in a calm, professional and compassionate environment. Our team has been serving the people of Hendersonville for years now, and in that time we’ve performed thousands of eye examinations for our clients and families. If you want to ensure eye health for life, it’s time you paid us a visit.

Why Is Vision Care Critical to Eye Health?

Your eyes, just like any other part of your body, are susceptible to disease and breakdown. Vision care can help moderate the symptoms of a disease and halt them in their tracks, or even reverse them. Common conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration or even plain old pink eye need professional care right away. If you want to maximize your eye health, you need to make vision care a priority.

Frequent vision care visits will also help ensure you are up to date on your prescriptions. If you wear glasses and contacts, you may not notice that you need an adjustment to your prescription until your eyes have become blurry and strained once more. You can avoid that with an eye health visit.

What Do Eye Examinations Involve?

Eye examinations typically take between 20 and 30 minutes. During that time, your optometrist will take a brief health history, ask about any problems you might be experiencing with your visions, then examine the insides and outsides of your eyes. Common tests include:

  • The eye chart test
  • And ophthalmoscope examination, which allows the optometrist to see the inside structures of your eye, including the retina, optic nerve, and lens
  • Photography of the inside of your eye
  • Eye movement tests

If our optometrist turns up any suspicious results, they may perform a more thorough examination to ensure we devise the best treatment plan for you.

Come See Hendersonville Eye Care Today

Our optometrists recommend scheduling eye examinations once a year or annually if you have no pre-existing eye conditions and no family history of eye diseases. If you wear glasses or contacts, play sports or sit in front of a computer screen all day, you should schedule an eye examination every 12 months. If you have a pre-existing eye disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma or AMD, you should visit our eye doctor every six months.

Don’t wait to get the eye examination that could catch a disease early, get you the glasses or contacts you need for better eyesight, or deliver the clean bill of eye health that will give you peace of mind until your next exam. In addition to adult eye care, Hendersonville Eye Care also offers family eye care to ensure that all your loved ones are protected from vision loss as much as possible. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment with Hendersonville Eye Care, please give us a call at 828-693-5205.