Hendersonville Eye Care: Hard to Fit Contacts FAQ

Hard to Fit Contacts FAQsIf you’ve grown tired of wearing traditional eyeglasses to correct your vision, then our Hendersonville optometrist can help. At Hendersonville Eye Care, we have a wide range of contact lens brands and types available to suit your specific needs, allowing you to forego the daily hassle of wearing glasses. It’s important to realize, however, that not all patients are ideal candidates for traditional contact lenses; some fall into the category of being hard-to-fit for contacts. Fortunately, our optometry team can assist those with hard-to-fit contacts by recommended a specialty option best suited for them.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Hard to Fit Contacts

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive about hard to fit contacts, along with answers and explanations from our staff.

Who needs hard to fit contacts?

People with certain eye conditions may be hard to fit for regular contacts. This means that “traditional” contact lenses will either not fit their eyes properly or may cause discomfort during wear. Some of the more common conditions that would fall into the category of being hard to fit for contacts include:

  • astigmatism
  • dry eye
  • keratoconus
  • presbyopia

For instance, those with astigmatism have an abnormal curve on one or both eyes that can prevent regular contacts from fitting properly. As a result, they may need specialty lenses.

What kinds of specialty contacts do you offer?

In our office, we have a large selection of specialty lenses specifically designed for people with these kinds of conditions. For example, those with astigmatism may be best suited for toric lenses, which are custom made to fit the unique curves of the eye exactly. For those with presbyopia, on the other hand, bifocal or multifocal lenses may be the best choice. And for patients who suffer from keratoconus, a gas permeable contact lens will relieve pressure on the tissue and serve the purpose of helping improve vision.

How do I know if I need specialty contacts?

If you suffer from a known eye condition like astigmatism or dry eye, you will almost certainly need specialty lenses. If you’re not sure, we’ll recommend that you come in for a contact lens exam in our office. This will allow us to determine the type of contact lens that’s best for your needs and lifestyle.

What can I expect from a contact lens exam?

A contact lens exam differs from a routine eye and vision exam in the sense that we’ll be focused on determining whether you’re a viable candidate for contacts and, if so, which type. We can make a specific recommendation on a contact lens type that’s best for you and then provide you with guidance in getting used to wearing your new lenses comfortably.

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