FAQs about Ortho-K Treatment at Hendersonville Eye Care

Ortho-K FAQsRadial keratotomy, the surgical correction of nearsightedness, is one of the great achievements of vision science. However, many people who wear glasses or contacts for myopia would prefer to avoid surgery. Orthokeratology may be the answer.

What Kind of Optometry Treatment is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, uses specially designed, gas-permeable contact lenses to improve vision while you sleep. The lenses temporarily reshape the cornea — the clear front layer of the eye. The lenses are fitted based on corneal topography measurements.

How long does it take for Maximum Vision Correction?

This depends on how nearsighted you are and whether you have astigmatism. Some people notice improvement within a matter of days, but it may be more than two weeks. It may also take a series of three or more varying prescriptions of Ortho-K lenses to reach maximum correction. Until 20-20 or at least 20-40 correction occurs, you still need glasses or daytime contact lenses.

How long does Ortho-k Vision Correction Last?

Usually, you can see well without eyeglasses or daytime contacts for a day or two. But wearing the lenses every night provides the best results.

Will it take long to get Comfortable Wearing the Lenses at Night?

At the beginning of Ortho-K treatment, you’re likely to feel the lenses until falling asleep. But this awareness generally eases as time passes.

Can an Optometrist use Ortho-K to Treat More than Myopia?

Yes. Ortho-K treatment also aids the following conditions:

  • Astigmatism, which is a blurring or distortion of vision at all distances
  • Hyperopia (seeing objects well at a distance but not up close) and
  • Presbyopia or age-related blurring of near vision.

How Old Must You be for Ortho-K Treatment?

Even children can benefit from Ortho-K. In fact, these bedtime contacts are used to slow development of childhood myopia.

Where can I be fitted for Ortho-K Contacts?

After training in Ortho-K therapy, optometrists, ophthalmologists and some contact lens technicians (under supervision by eye doctors) perform the fittings.

Can I see with Ortho-K Contacts?

Yes. However, you may notice a halo-like glare around streetlights, nightlights and other kinds of lights amid the darkness.

How long will these Contacts last?

They should be effective for a year. But their duration may be shorter or longer depending on conditions, such as prescription changes, protein build-up, and lens care.

Who makes Ortho-K Lenses? What is the Difference between them and CRT Contact Lenses?

A number of companies make Ortho-K contacts, including Bausch and Lomb, which calls its lenses and fitting system vision shaping treatment (VST). Paragon Vision Science has a somewhat different lens design and a fitting technique called corneal refractive therapy (CRT). At Hendersonville Eye Care, our optometrists are trained to identify the best type of Ortho-K lenses for each person seeking the treatment.

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