Ortho-K Revolutionary Vision Correction by Hendersonville Optometrist

Ortho-KNearly everyone has heard of glasses and contact lenses for vision correction. Most people have heard of Lasik laser eye surgery and PRK eye surgery as well. Ortho-K may help solve vision correction problems when glasses, contacts, or surgery is just not possible or ideal. Ortho-K, also known as Orthokeratology, allows optometrists to gently shape the cornea at night using special gas permeable contact lenses so that the patient’s vision is corrected during the day. This is good for people with certain degrees of myopia, or nearsightedness, but also works for hyperopia or farsightedness. Our Hendersonville optometrist offers vision correction with the use of Ortho-K.

How Ortho-K Works

Corneas are the outsides of the eyeball. The shape of the corneas impact the way that light hits the lens of the eye, and therefore, where the focal point is in relation to the retina. Most vision correction methods concentrate on what happens at the center of the retina. Ortho-K impacts all of the light hitting all of the retina, which may have a positive effect on gradually worsening myopia.

Ortho-K is possible because the technology for mapping the shape of each patient’s cornea is now possible using a corneal topographer. This allows the doctor to visualize and fit the lenses necessary for the adjustment in cornea shape. The doctor may choose one or more different sets of gas permeable lenses in order to make the changes in corneal shape that are necessary.

Corneal Reshaping is Reversible

One of the advantages of Ortho-K is that it is reversible, which means that discontinuing the use of the contact lenses allows the corneas to return to their original shape over the course of weeks or months. This allows patients to seek Lasik or other treatment options should they choose to at a later date.

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Ortho-K may be just the right fit for your vision needs, without the need for daytime contacts, glasses, or surgery, and without irreversible vision change. For questions about Ortho-K or other vision concerns, please contact your Hendersonville Optometrist at 828-693-5205 to schedule an appointment.